About Dasym

About Dasym — Dasym is an independent, research-driven investment company headquartered in Naarden, the Netherlands, with offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Dasym offers a broad range of investment solutions and services in the areas Managed Accounts and Investment Funds. Dasym is a member of the Rasile Group.

About Dasym


Since its inception, Dasym has had a strong footprint in and a deep understanding of the Telecom, Media, Technology, entertainment and other consumer-related sectors. The name “Dasym” has its origins in the Latin language and means the “greater consciousness”. Dasym’s Investment Philosophy and Investment Themes guide every investment.

Founded by Frank Botman in 2000, the company was originally known as Talpa Capital and served as the family office of a Dutch media entrepreneur. After six years, the company was renamed Cyrte Investments. When Delta Lloyd N.V. acquired a majority stake in Cyrte in 2007, the company also began welcoming institutional investors.

In 2013 Cyrte demerged from Delta Lloyd N.V. and was renamed Dasym Investment Strategies. Dasym focuses on a broad range of investment strategies for its clients such as family offices, institutional investors and strategic partners. In January 2016 the name of Dasym’s holding structure was changed to Rasile Group.


Having started out as a family office and with institutional investors such as large pension funds, Dasym is a partner focusing on long-term value for all its stakeholders. We are driven to originate, deliver and implement investment solutions for our clients and investors. Time after time, our diverse and committed teams and our extensive global network have proven invaluable in achieving our clients’ and investors’ goals.

Rasile Group

As a member of the Rasile Group, Dasym is empowered by creativity. Within the Rasile Group we combine the divergent cultures of Dasym and Dasym’s innovation institute FreedomLab. Whereas Dasym represents rationality, numbers, and finance, FreedomLab contributes creativity, meaning and intuition. These worlds can collide, but we believe that when they collaborate, the best conditions for developing outstanding investments and strategies are created. And that means the most value for our clients, investors and other stakeholders.

The Group is named after the Latin word “rasilis”, meaning “polished” as a result of friction.

Investment Philosophy

At Dasym, we believe in unlocking society’s potential by empowering consumers to structurally improve their daily lives. Our world is changing rapidly. The further penetration of information and communication technologies into our daily lives is disrupting all aspects of our society, from the way consumers spend their time and money to the way we do business. The changes in consumer spending and behavior are key to both our Investment Philosophy and our Investment Themes.

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Investment Themes

Dasym has identified eight long-term Investment Themes, all relating to changing consumer behavior. On the basis of these themes we bring together creativity, capital and strategy to invest in new entrants as well as existing market players.

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