Investment Philosophy

At Dasym, we believe in unlocking society’s potential by empowering consumers to structurally improve their daily lives.

Consumer spending drives company performance

Consumer spending represents up to 65% of GDP (source: World Bank). Therefore, the way consumers spend their time and money impacts market growth and company performance. This is why we focus on investing in companies that stand to profit from changes in consumer expenditure. 

Technology drives changes in consumer spending

Changes in consumer spending are mainly driven by the use of new technologies such as the Internet and the smartphone. When looking for investment opportunities we focus on the indirect effects of new technologies. The indirect effects of something like the rollout of Internet networks include the emergence of e-commerce, mobile payments and online media viewership. We believe that investing in these indirect effects leads to a higher return on investment compared to investing in the new technologies themselves.

A strong ecosystem of thought leaders

We have built a strong community of partners whom we consult and exchange ideas with. This community, or “ecosystem”, comprises Dasym’s own dedicated research team and the creative spirits at FreedomLab (likewise a member of the Rasile Group), but also external partners such as industry specialists. In our external think tank we discuss the ways in which technologies impact our society. This Think Tank is composed of a diverse group of thought leaders in the fields of philosophy, economy, psychology, and political strategy.

Within this community we interpret the changes that are taking place in consumer behavior. Once we have identified individual trends, we transform those into Investment Themes that guide our long-term investment decisions. 

Recognizing trends ahead of the competition

We have been developing and refining our philosophy for over a decade. It is that philosophy that informs our corporate strategy, enabling us to recognize and act on important trends ahead of the competition and create sustainable value for our clients and investors.

Rare earth materials are none of Tencent’s and Alibaba’s business

Alibaba and Tencent are not investing inraw materials. As far as Alibaba is concerned, the comparison ends with the 4,456 ‘raw earth metals’that can be found for shopping on

The implementation of 5G is important for the upgrade of Alibaba & Tencent’s services

5G is the next generation of ultra-fast wireless technology, offering faster data rates, reduced latency, energy savings, cost reductions, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. It is expected to power industrial applications such as smarty city infrastructure and the industrial internet, but can also impact consumer services. For example, 5G will enable Tencent’s gamers to seamlessly stream PC and console-quality games on their smartphones without sacrificing processing power or battery life. For Alibaba’s short-video platform Youku, a 5G connection would mean that users can send high-resolution 4K video within a few seconds.

In fear of dependency on Western hardware, Alibaba has set up a semiconductor division

Resembling the States’concern, both Ma’s have outspoken their fear of western depencency when it comes to core technologies:

Alibaba’s Ma:

If we do not master the core technologies, we will be building roofs on other people’s walls and planting vegetables in other people’s yards.

Tencent’s Ma:

[China]’s digital economy will be a high-rise built on sand and hard to sustain if we don’t continue to work hard on basic research and key knowledge, not to mention the transformation from old to new forms of drivers or high-quality development.

In reaction, Alibaba’s R&D arm DAMO (Academy for Discovery, Adventure, Momentum, and Outlook) has set up its own semiconductor manufacturing business and unveiled its chip in July 2019. The chip is designed to process AI tasks such as image, video and voice analysis and will be used for tasks such as autonomous driving, smart cities and smart logistics.