CIO Peter van Rooyen speaks at Mediapark Jaarcongres
Image by Husky on Flickr

Our CIO Peter van Rooyen gave last June 29 a presentation at the Dutch Mediapark Jaarcongres during the expertsession Data4Media. He argued that the first signs are visible of TV and online advertising moving closer together. Historically, TV was more of an awareness-driving medium, capable of reaching huge audiences in a short time, while digital media played more on the ability to track consumers using a direct marketing approach.

Today, both TV and online face challenges, indicated amongst others by declining TV viewership and the call for more efficiency and transparency by large advertisers such as Proctor & Gamble or Unilever. It shows a growing demand for a model that brings TV’s awareness together with digital media’s targeting.

Other events hinting in this direction, include the AT&T and Time Warner merger, the NFL streaming deal with Amazon, and Apple hiring two Sony executives to build its video business: AT&T, Amazon and Apple already can track and target consumers, but to generate awareness they’ll need audience-attracting content.