Dasym and FreedomLab to continue together under the name Rasile Group

Naarden, 11 January

Dasym and FreedomLab to continue together under the name Rasile Group

Dasym Group, the holding company of, among other companies, investment company Dasym Investment Strategies (Dasym) and FreedomLab, is changing its name to Rasile Group. The reason for the repositioning of the group is the growth that both Dasym and FreedomLab have experienced over the past few years. The new name reinforces the structure within the group and brings the different worlds and cultures of Dasym and FreedomLab closer together. This process is taking place under the guidance of Ronald Latenstein, the newly appointed COO of Rasile Group, and Roland van der Vorst, the Managing Director of FreedomLab since September 2015.  

Frank Botman: “As CEO, I am very pleased with the group’s new name and with the arrival of both Roland and Ronald. Considering their background and experience, I know they will both contribute greatly to the next phase of our company under the name Rasile Group.”

Within Rasile Group, the collaboration between Dasym and FreedomLab forms the primary focus. Whereas Dasym represents the world of rationality and finance, FreedomLab stands for innovation, meaning and intuition. When these two different worlds join forces, there is great potential for developing successful and meaningful investments and strategies.

Ronald Latenstein and Roland van der Vorst

Ronald Latenstein is COO of the Rasile Group as of 1 January 2016. He brings with him more than 25 years of experience, chiefly within the financial sector. Over the past two years he was Director of International Development and Group Co-Director of Investment Banking at Oddo & Cie. Prior to that he had been CEO of SNS REAAL, a Dutch financial institution in insurance and banking. Ronald is an accomplished general and financial manager with considerable experience in the area of setting and steering the strategic course of companies.

Roland van der Vorst has been the Managing Director of FreedomLab since 1 September 2015. He combines this position with his work as Professor of Strategic Design for Brand Development at the Delft University of Technology. Roland is an experienced business and branding strategist who works at the crossroads of strategic and creative thought.

About Dasym Dasym is an independent, research-driven investment boutique based in Naarden, the Netherlands, with offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Dasym offers a wide range of investment solutions and services in the following areas: Managed Accounts, Funds, Private Equity and Transformation & Restructuring Solutions. Founded by Frank Botman in 2000, Dasym has both a deep understanding of and a strong footprint in the Telecom, Media, Technology (TMT), entertainment and other consumer-related sectors.

About FreedomLab FreedomLab is an organization for cross-over innovation that develops creative strategies – together with its clients – to bring about transformations. To that end, it designs and supervises programs and has set up a campus where entrepreneurs, creatives and engineers can actively help to bring about transformations themselves.

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