Dasym launches exclusive Fund of Hedge Funds

Dasym Public Markets recently expanded its product range by launching the Dasym Global Select Fund, a fund of hedge funds that offers exclusive access to high-pedigree managers. The fund is available to a broad range of professional investors, including institutional investors, wealth managers and family offices.
The launch of this fund meets investor demand for products that offer uncorrelated returns in markets that look increasingly vulnerable. At Dasym, we expect that the combination of shifts in hegemonic power and technological leadership will drive market volatility higher with outcomes that are more uncertain.

Martijn van Veen, Sales & Business Development Officer at Dasym:

“Within an overall elevated investment era surrounded by more uncertainty, investors are searching for alternative investment opportunities that provide an element of stability in their portfolio”.

The Dasym Global Select Fund is a concentrated fund of hedge funds (maximum of 10 hedge funds) that seeks to generate consistent, positive returns across market cycles while managing market risk and minimizing drawdowns. The Fund invests primarily in uncorrelated, well-established multi-strategy managers with decades of experience and consistent positive return streams.

Martijn continues:
“In general, most of the selected multi-strategy funds are not available to investors, because they are typically capacity constrained (either soft- or hard closed) due to their past successes. However, with the launch of the Dasym Global Select Fund we provide access to these managers, enabling us to offer a unique and non-replicable hedge fund portfolio to our clients.”

The funds objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation with low correlation to traditional assets. The fund has successfully launched this summer with a firm commitment from its seed investors.

Dasym Global Select Fund (ISIN LU1819495547)
For further information, please contact Mr. M. van Veen, +31 35 695 9090