Dasym announces the launch of its first SICAV fund participating in the global technological revolution

The Dasym Global Opportunities Fund is a concentrated long-only equity fund that invests globally into carefully selected themes, all relating to changing consumer behavior driven by technology. The fund builds on the successful investment philosophy that Dasym has been refining for more than a decade.

The launch of this SICAV fund coincides with the increasing integration of digital technology in all aspects of our daily lives, ranging from mobility to finance and healthcare. Rather than focusing on the companies that directly benefit from the rollout of new technologies, we seek to find companies that we believe will benefit from second and third round effects. It is our opinion that this approach carries distinct structural upside, since the stock markets’ view of these companies often differs from our own long-term thematic views.

Peter van Rooyen, Chief Investment Officer of Dasym, and his team, have built a strong track record over the last decade.

Peter van rooyen:

“With the launch of this new SICAV fund under the UCITS label, our investment strategy can now be accessed by a broader range of investors, including institutional investors, wealth managers and family offices.”

Over the past 16 years, Dasym has focused on the interplay between technology and society and how these two mutually shape each other. We have built up the skills, experience, expertise and organizational set-up to continue to select the long-term winners for our clients.

For more information please see www.dasym.com or contact Dasym Public Markets via: ir@dasym.com or +31 (0)35 695 9090