Dasym proud sponsor of Brainwash Festival 2015

Dasym is proud sponsor of the second Brainwash Festival which took place last Saturday in Amsterdam. Brainwash is a new Philosophy Festival which centers on the larger questions in life. From 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM 2800 visitors philosophized at the Nes in Amsterdam.


Some interesting facts:

  • 175 speakers tended 125 programs at 21 locations in the centre of Amsterdam
  • 1650 people were present at the opening keynote of Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel at the Stopera
  • 10 television shows were recorded at Brainwash for NPO2
  • Prior to the event, 12 Brainwash related articles were published in NRC Next
  • Several other national newspapers, magazines and radio shows also paid attention to Brainwash


A few reviews of the event:

In my opinion it was a beautiful festival, congratulations. Unbelievable how many people you have managed to bring together for such wonderful, pertinent talks.

Bas Heijne – Columnist NRC Handelsblad

I had a tremendously enjoyable time in Amsterdam – the whole thing was very well organized and fascinating. And, yes, the dinner was excellent.

Oliver Burkeman – Columnist The Guardian 

It was brilliant fun being part of the festival, which was incredibly well organised. Please pass my thanks to the great team who made it so easy.

John-Paul Flintoff – Journalist Financial Times en Sunday Times

Brainwash 2015 logo

For more information about Brainwash Festival, please click here