Dasym’s Strategist and philosopher Haroon Sheikh in Brainwash documentary “So I am” about Flow

The series “So I am” lets philosophers tell stories about essential values that are under pressure in our current lives. In this episode of the series Haroon Sheikh, philosopher and Strategist at Dasym, talks about Flow.

According to him, we have to train our whole life for things that we find important. And that is valuable because through training we can reach a different, deeper experience of reality. And that deeper experience gives us access to greater happiness. We can even enter into a euphoric state – called flow. A feeling of being ‘in shape’.

The documentary is made in collaboration with Brainwash Festival in Amsterdam. Brainwash is a multidisciplinary think festival in which various cultural and scientific disciplines meet. Influential thinkers and artists from home and abroad confront visitors with the challenges of our time.