Dutch newspaper NRC rated Haroon Sheikh’s book ‘Embedding Technopolis’ book with 4 out of 5 stars!

In Embedding Technopolis, Dasym’s Haroon Sheikh rethinks modernity and tradition and gives insight into their complex relationship. From state-led capitalism in East Asia to democracy in India and German industry, Sheikh shows how ancient traditions surprisingly persist in our contemporary world and thrive symbiotically with modernity. At the same time, he develops an innovative method of psychopolitics to analyze the logic of how societies deal with modernization.

NRC’s Wouter van Noort: “In Embedding Technopolis, Sheikh does not provide us with a list of hands-on action points; instead he offers a thoughtful and original view on one of the most urgent questions of this time: how do we protect humanity in a world that is becoming more technical and unpredictable in record time?”

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