How many conflicts can the U.S. face simultaneously?
Image by Embajada de los Estados Unidos en Uruguay on Flickr

Our lead researcher Haroon Sheikh will regularly write a column for Dutch newspaper NRC. In these columns, he shares his insights about changes in the global hegemony, economy and society. In his column from May 19th he answers the question about how many conflicts the U.S. can manage at the same time.

Following Trumps decision to abandon the Iran nuclear deal, tensions in the Middle East and across the Atlantic increased. However, the biggest challenge for the U.S. will be to manage the issues in the Middle East, while also taking care of other emerging conflicts with for instance North Korea and Russia.

Timing will be of utmost importance. One-on-one the U.S. can dominate each of these conflicts, but it cannot apply pressure on all of them at the same time. Its rivals will try to take advantage and the key question will be who will call Trump’s bluff.

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