International Offices

International Offices – Dasym’s offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles focus on the funding, production and commercialization of a wide array of intellectual properties relating to media and entertainment formats such as feature films, television programs, games, merchandising, sports events and electronic dance events.

International Offices

Dasym Asia

Many Western media companies have ventured into the Chinese market without adjusting their international practices to the local market. As a result these companies experience difficulties in being successful, as devising the right business model and deal structure is key to being successful in China. Dasym has built a global track record in the media and entertainment industry in China.

Dasym Media
(Los Angeles)

Dasym Media has a portfolio of children’s and family-oriented entertainment franchises. In order to drive brand-franchise revenues on a global scale we utilize multiple media formats.

With our experience and track record in media and entertainment, we offer deep, relevant and detailed insights into these fields. Dasym Media’s management team has a proven track record in family brand acquisition, optimization and commercialization across all media distribution formats. With our strong local network we can establish meaningful connections for our clients.