‘From Luxury to Necessity’ receives 4 star review

De Volkskrant, one of the major Dutch newspapers gave Sjoerd Bakker’s book ‘From Luxury to Necessity’ (commissioned by Dasym) a 4 star (out of 5) review!

The review underscores the relevance of the work and states it provides insight in the impact of technological revolutions well beyond the obvious effects of, for instance, cheaper transportation.

“The railways created a new need and a new industry: that of garden tools”

One of the examples highlighted in the review is the practice of gardening. Because of the railways, families were able to move out of the city and others were forced to do so, because their homes were torn down to make way for the tracks.
In the suburbs, these people got to enjoy bigger gardens, and better supply of fresh food. Instead of growing food or keeping livestock they could engage in a new practice of gardening.

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‘From Luxury to Necessity’ was commissioned by Dasym as part of its ongoing research activities in light of its investment philosophy. Read more about Dasym’s investment philosophy.

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