Products — By applying its approach to a variety of investment products, Dasym offers its clients and investors flexibility, enabling them to invest in companies throughout their business cycle.


Public Markets

Empowered by creative thinking and detailed research, we deliver innovative investment strategies that monetize the digitalization of everyday life.

Dasym Public Markets identifies investment themes and opportunities in accordance with its Investment Philosophy which states that structural change in consumer behavior is driven by the adoption of new technologies. We go to great lengths to identify disruptive technologies and to understand their impact on our daily lives. Rather than focusing on the predictable, we seek to find companies that we believe will benefit from second and third round effects. It is our opinion that this approach carries distinct structural upside, since the stock markets’ view of these companies often differs from our own long-term views. This gap in the perception of a company’s value creates differentiated investment opportunities.


Dasym Global Opportunities Fund

The Dasym Global Opportunities Fund, a thematic, long-only equity SICAV fund, invests globally with a focus on developed markets. With this fund, the unique Investment Philosophy of Dasym is accessible to a broader range of investors.

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Dasym Global Select Fund

The Dasym Global Select Fund is a fund of hedge funds that seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns across market cycles. By combining various hedge funds strategies it reduces correlation to traditional markets and aims to achieve a lower level of volatility. The fund invests in well-established managers with significant experience and established track records.


VanEck Vectors Smart Home Active UCITS ETF

Dasym has partnered with VanEck to create the VanEck Vectors Smart Home Active UCITS ETF (Ticker: CAVE, ISIN: IE000FN81QD2). This ETF enables investors to buy into the smart home megatrend. With the smart home evolution starting to influence all areas of our daily lives, it is already changing the way we shop, work, communicate and entertain. A new and smart ecosystem is starting to develop around our homes creating many opportunities to invest.

· Exposure to the developing smart home ecosystem
· Early mover advantage in an evolving market
· Quick response to changing opportunities through active management

More information on this ETF is available on the website of our partner VanEck.


Actively Managed Certificates

Dasym Public Markets manages the reference portfolio of Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) issued by UBS AG. The reference portfolio is linked to the Dasym Global Opportunities Portfolio. The Dasym Global Opportunities Portfolio is a notional dynamic basket that aims to replicate the performance of a basket of long-only worldwide stocks and is actively created, managed and maintained by Dasym Public Markets.


Managed Accounts

The Dasym Public Markets team offers discretionary asset management services to a select group of professional clients. Our unique Investment Philosophy and Investment Themes are at the forefront when constructing a portfolio. The advantage of our managed accounts service is that the investment mandate is tailor-made to the client’s investment objectives.