Regulatory Disclosures

Regulatory Disclosures

The name “Dasym” refers to Dasym Holding B.V. and its worldwide affiliates and subsidiaries.

Dasym only carries on regulated activities in those countries it is authorized to do so.

Dasym Managed Accounts B.V. is authorized by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank to carry out investment services in the Netherlands and a number of other EU jurisdictions, subject to regulation in the Netherlands and the regions in which it operates. Dasym Public Markets is a trade name of Dasym Managed Accounts B.V.

Dasym Investment Strategies B.V. is registered as an exempt manager of alternative investment funds with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank.

Dasym SICAV is an undertaking for collective investments in transferable securities (UCITS) with multiple sub-funds incorporated under Luxembourg law and authorized by the Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier pursuant to Article 129 of the law 17 December 2010 relating to undertakings for collective investment. The distribution of Dasym SICAV outside Luxembourg is subject to local legislation of the country of distribution. Dasym SICAV is distributed by Dasym Managed Accounts B.V. If you are considering a transaction in Dasym SICAV, then carefully consider the funds’ investment objectives, risk factors, charges and expenses before investing. This and other information can be found in the funds’ prospectus and the key investor information document, which may be obtained free of charge at the registered office of Dasym SICAV. Investors should read the prospectus and the key investor information document carefully before investing.

Remuneration Policy

The Rasile Group (after this: ‘Rasile’) has determined a controlled remuneration policy. This remuneration policy applies to persons who are employed by or otherwise in a relationship of authority or relationship to the entities of Rasile, including members of the board and managers.

The controlled remuneration policy is set up in such a way that:

  • The organization can perform in the best interest of clients.
  • It fits within the culture, the strategy and the risk and control environment of Rasile.
  • It does not pose a threat to the solid capital base of Rasile.

The key figures for the 2018 remuneration year are as follows:

  • The number of persons with a total annual remuneration (fixed and variable) of € 1 million or more for 2018 is 0 (2017: 0).
  • The number of people that will be rewarded variable over 2018 is 0 (2017: 9).

The controlled remuneration policy provides for measures for adjusting and reclaiming already awarded variable remuneration.

Top 5 execution venues

As investment firm, Dasym Managed Accounts is required to publish on an annual basis, for each class of financial instruments, the top five execution venues in terms of trading volumes where we have executed client orders in the preceding year and information on the quality of execution obtained. Such details are presented in the report, which can be downloaded below. This report covers the period from 1 January to 31 December 2018.

File name File type Date
2018 Top 5 execution venues PDF July 24, 2019