A Sovereign Wealth Fund can unite public and private interest

On Thursday June 1st Dasym CEO Frank Botman took part in a hearing in the Dutch House of Representatives on a proposal to protect Dutch publicly listed companies from hostile takeovers.

Botman stated that the foreign interest in Dutch companies is not incidental, but the exponent of structural changes. The worlds of business, technology and global relations are changing profoundly and the Netherlands is ideally positioned to profit from these trends.

As a result, Botman argued that instead of focusing on legislation to protect current industries, the Netherlands should look forward and increase its economic foundations for the coming decades. This can be done through the creation of a Dutch Sovereign Wealth Fund, a type of fund that countries like Norway, Chile, the Gulf States, China and Singapore also have. Such a fund can bridge the perspectives of investors, politicians and citizens and act in the long-term interest of the country.

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