Through clever diplomacy, China now is a super power

Our lead researcher Haroon Sheikh will regularly write a column for Dutch newspaper NRC. In these columns, he shares his insights about changes in the global hegemony, economy and society. In his column from June 23rd he notes how China profits from the uncertainty caused by Trump’s policies.

Several developments point to the emergence of a new geopolitical reality with perhaps China as the leading hegemon.

First, China is a major beneficiary of Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un. Everything they agreed upon is in line with China’s goals for the Korean peninsula.

In addition, China together with Russia, leads the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), an Asian alternative to the NATO. The SCO forms a united platform that contrasts sharply with the growing fragmentation in the West at the G7.

Moreover, Trump’s confrontational policies brings other countries closer to China. Federica Mogherini, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, stated in the Jakarta Globe, that Europe and Asia have never been so close.

Certainly, the trade tariffs announced by the U.S. will hurt China, but at the same time, China has already built technological capacities and a local pool of talent. The current U.S. restrictions might only speed up the development of China.

All in all, recent developments show that China is becoming a super power through smart diplomacy.

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