VanEck launches Europe’s first smart home ETF

VanEck launches Europe’s first smart home ETF

  • The smart home evolution is starting to influence all areas of daily life and changing the way people live
  • Investors now get the opportunity to invest in the smart home megatrend through Van Eck’s newly launched Smart Home ETF

London, 10 November 2021
Asset manager VanEck listed Europe’s first smart home ETF today, the VanEck Vectors™ Smart Home Active UCITS ETF on London Stock Exchange, Xetra Deutsche Börse and Euronext Amsterdam, offering investors access to innovative smart home technology. The smart home revolution is in full swing and started long before the voice- or sensor-controlled products we see today. Smart home technologies form an entire ecosystem whose growth is driven by digital transformation. Whether it is work-from-home, virtual workouts, entertainment, delivery services, online shopping, or even telemedicine, all areas of life are increasingly being brought from the world “outside” into our homes.

In addition, artificial intelligence will even enable individual devices to “anticipate” needs in the future and then react correctly, dependant on the situation the user is in. “The home of the future is digital, connected and, above all, intelligent. It changes the way we shop, work, communicate and entertain from home,” explains Martijn Rozemuller, CEO of VanEck Europe. “Our smart home ETF enables investors to invest in a future topic driven by the digitalisation of our everyday lives,” says Dominik Schmaus, Product Manager at VanEck.

For the VanEck Vectors™ Smart Home Active UCITS ETF, VanEck works with Dutch investment boutique Dasym. Its research-driven approach enables Dasym to spot themes early on and be first to market with innovative products. Peter van Rooyen Dasym’s CIO, explains: “As more smart home applications make an appearance, a completely new ecosystem will start to develop. Based on historic experiences, we expect that the exact form of the smart home and the impact it will have on consumer practices will be broad and unexpected offering ample opportunities to invest.”

Dasym specializes in the creation of actively-managed theme-based investment solutions around the sectors that feel the disrupting effect of technology. Its research and listed equity team conducts the stock selection for the active ETF. “This allows us to regularly adjust the portfolio of our ETF with our experienced partner Dasym and react quickly to new developments,” says Rozemuller. “As a result, our investors benefit from the careful stock selection that active fund managers provide, and the advantages of an ETF, such as low price and ease of trading.”

The ETF comprises a global selection of 40 to 60 companies with high revenues in the smart home sector. The selection is adjusted monthly. The VanEck Vectors™ Smart Home Active UCITS ETF is accumulating and has a total expense ratio (TER) of 0.85 percent.

The ETF’s assets may be concentrated in one or more particular sectors or industries. The ETF may be subject to the risk that economic, political or other conditions which negatively affect the relevant sectors or industries may negatively affect the performance of the Fund to a greater extent than if the Fund’s assets were invested in a wider variety of sectors or industries.



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About Dasym
Founded in 2000 on the belief that the penetration of information and communication technologies will empower consumers to structurally improve their daily lives, Dasym creates actively-managed theme-based investment solutions around the sectors that feel the disrupting effect of technology.

About VanEck
VanEck has been driven by innovation and stood for intelligent, prescient investment strategies ever since its founding in 1955. As an asset manager, it currently manages some 84 billion US dollars* worldwide, including exchange-traded funds (ETF), active funds and institutional accounts.

With over 100 ETFs around the world, the investment firm offers a comprehensive portfolio covering numerous sectors, asset classes and smart beta strategies. VanEck was one of the first asset managers to offer investors access to global markets. It has consistently aimed at identifying new trends and asset classes, such as gold investments in 1968, emerging markets in 1993 and ETFs in 2006, an approach that is still shaping the entire investment sector today.

Headquartered in New York City, VanEck maintains locations around the globe, including offices in Frankfurt, Madrid, Zurich, Amsterdam, Sydney and Shanghai. For more information about VanEck and the fund, go to or the blog