About us

Since our establishment in 2000, we have been dedicated to developing tailor-made investment products and wealth management strategies that provide our clients with financial peace of mind. Our approach incorporates multidisciplinary research, which leverages insights from diverse fields to empower our investment strategies and create unique opportunities. With a full AFM license and strong partnerships with leading financial service providers, we have built a solid reputation for delivering strong results. We are headquartered in Naarden, the Netherlands, and are part of Rasile Group, a unique ecosystem of companies focused on creating investment solutions.


One of the longest periods of certainty has ended. As we navigate uncertainty, our focus is on positioning for volatility, global diversification and re-evaluating the values that led us to this point in history. Dasym combines multidisciplinary thinking, thorough sector analysis and unique investment strategies to adapt our portfolios to the way the world is changing.


We believe that close relations, openness and an understanding of different perspectives on the world generates greater consciousness, the key to a better world. Our mission is to contribute to this better world by valuing our clients’ life experiences and worldview, subjecting our investment ideas to multiple perspectives, and basing our decisions on conscious reflection.

Rasile Group

Dasym is a member of Rasile Group, which consists of thinktank FreedomLab, real estate company Dalpha, venture builder Dasym Ventures and us. We maintain a strong and collaborative partnership with FreedomLab, which conducts research on emerging trends and disruptors in fields like technology, economics and politics, enabling us to make well-informed investment decisions.

Social responsibility

In collaboration with the Rasile Group, we are committed to dedicating time, funds, and effort towards incorporating three specific UN Sustainable Development Goals into our internal processes: Good Health and Wellbeing, Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action. The Responsible Rasile Committee also offers volunteering programs and initiatives that promote a safe, healthy, and inclusive work environment. Our aim is to integrate responsible and sustainable practices throughout all spheres of the company.