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For over two decades, Dasym has been dedicated to creating, developing, and managing investment funds for our clients. We offer two distinct strategies: thematic funds and a fund of hedge funds.

Our thematic funds focus on the impact of information and communication technologies on society. By identifying the disruptive effects of these technologies on all aspects of our lives, from consumer behavior to business operations, we invest in the enablers and benefactors of these changes. Moreover, we apply our knowledge across various geographies, including the U.S., Europe, and Asia, using the valuable lessons we have learned from other industries and regions.

The emergence of China as a new dominant power, partly driven by its technological prowess, led to increased tensions between the U.S. and China, resulting in a more uncertain world. To help our investors navigate this uncertain environment, we created a fund of hedge funds. This fund is designed to capitalize on increased volatility and to position investors for potential gains in this uncertain climate.

Going forward, we will continue our focus on investments that combine our knowledge of technology and geopolitics into new funds.

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Uncertainty is an opportunity to us. Our hedge funds are designed to thrive in volatile markets, providing a powerful tool to navigate sudden economic changes or unforeseen events.

— Peter van Rooyen, Co-Chief Investment Officer

Dasym Global Select Fund

The Dasym Global Select Fund, launched in partnership with UBS, is a fund of hedge funds that seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns across market cycles. The fund invests in various hedge funds strategies to reduce correlation to traditional markets and to achieve a lower level of volatility. With a focus on achieving a lower level of volatility, the fund provides investors with the potential to generate consistent and stable returns, while mitigating risks typically associated with more traditional investments.

The Dasym Global Select Fund positions for a more uncertain world characterized by higher volatility in financial markets. Quick and more unpredictable price swings—both upwards and downwards—are challenging to investors. Hedge funds, however, are particularly well suited for such environments with their shorter term, optionality driven (positioning for unlikely events) or non-directional (market neutral) trading positions. Through the Global Select Fund, we provide access to high quality hedge funds that have limited accessibility to most investors.

We launched the Dasym Global Select Fund on July 1, 2018 to position for a more uncertain world based on four drivers of change. While the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine exacerbated uncertainty and increased the velocity of the changes, the drivers of uncertainty have remained the same:
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Our investment philosophy is to capitalize on the world’s secular trends. A long track record of original thematic thinking has enabled us to manage equity funds successfully.

— Yentl Blom, Co-Chief Investment Officer

VanEck Smart Home ETF

The smart home revolution permeates every facet of our daily lives, revolutionizing how we communicate, work, seek entertainment and shop. As a result, a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem of companies that contribute to building smart homes is emerging. The Smart Home ETF aims at capturing this new dimension of our homes.

For more information about the VanEck Smart Home ETF, please visit VanEck's fund page.
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